Promoting a global culture of solidarity with the poor - in Haiti, Africa, and beyond. - for a more just and sustainable world   .  .  .  

​​Rich in Mercy Institute

Solidarity News Notes

Read about "odds defying" Haitian Youth Earning University Degrees in Nursing and Accounting.

Education of children and youth - especially girls and young women - at all levels from preschool to university provides a foundation for positive change.

Because travel restrictions resulting from civil unrest and gang violence, Rich in Mercy has suspended all transformational travel delegations and reverse mission pilgrimages following 30+ years of transformational travel accompaniment.  At this time it is unclear when or if such travel will be possible in the future.

Transformational Travel & Outreach

Poor countries are especially vulnerable to environmental breakdown.  Care for the environment serves sustainability, providing for future generations.

A just society requires the development of material and social infrastructure  including energy and water supplies, small businesses, clinics, schools, and churches.