Promoting a global culture of solidarity with the poor - in Haiti, Africa, and beyond. - for a more just and sustainable world   .  .  .  

Rich in Mercy Institute

Feeding minds, bodies and spirits in Haiti and East Africa ihrough a variety of programs including  Education for Change , Skip a Lunch, Save a Child, and the Fondwa Women's Fund.

After studying Haiti in the "service learning" class called Haiti: Window on Our Worlds and working side by side with Haitians and other Americans during spring break week 2015, one St. Vincent College student was moved to write: 

"I have come to the conclusion that solidarity with the poor of the world matters.

April Smith, St. Vincent College,

C' 2015, Physics and Theology

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Solidarity Matters

The Lives We Impact

Hope for Haiti slide presentations, Just World seminars and Global Issues and Sustainable Living seminars can be adapted to various audiences, formats, and time frames.

Transformational travel opportunities include "Service Learning" College Courses, ""Reverse Mission" Pilgrimages, and Led by the Spirit and other immersion delegations to Haiti.