Promoting a global culture of solidarity with the poor - in Haiti, Africa, and beyond. - for a more just and sustainable world   .  .  .  

​​Rich in Mercy Institute

Solidarity News Notes

Read about effective drought-resisting strategies developed through Operation Hummingbird!

Education of children and youth - especially girls and young women - at all levels from preschool to university provides a foundation for positive change.

Because of COVID-19 travel restrictions and continuing civil unrest  in Haiti, Rich in Mercy has suspended all transformational travel delegations and reverse mission pilgrimages following 30 years of transformational travel accompaniment.  At this time it is unclear when or if such travel will be possible in the future.

Transformational Travel & Outreach

Poor countries are especially vulnerable to environmental breakdown.  Care for the environment serves sustainability, providing for future generations.

A just society requires the development of material and social infrastructure  including energy and water supplies, small businesses, clinics, schools, and churches.