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​​Rich in Mercy Institute

Life-Giving Water to Lamardelle Community

A Rich in Mercy emergency grant, supported in part by members of the Latrobe Rotary Club (Latrobe, PA), made to the Fondation Enfant Jesus (FEJ), has helped restore water to the Lamardelle community after a decade old well failed at the beginning of September 2015 causing a “water crisis” that lasted nearly 3 months!

The crisis was initiated by a defect in the electrical wiring that damaged the pump.  An attempt to remove the pump resulted in damage to the well casing and led to a collapse of the well, leaving the FEJ school and clinic without water, cutting off the normal supply of water to some 1000 families in the area and necessitating a new well.  The new well will meet the needs of the Lamardelle community and also supply transported water to the FEJ orphanage in Kenscoff.​

The Foundation Enfant Jesus (FEJ) is a non-denominational, non-profit organization that promotes sustainable human development for impoverished children and their families through programs that include education, health services, child and family advocacy and protection, community building and entrepreneurship.

RIM Emergency Grant Aids in Restoring Life-Giving Water to Lamardelle Community