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​​Rich in Mercy Institute

The electricity sector in Haiti is among the most challenged in the region.  Rich in Mercy grants have helped financed small, solar electric systems at the parish of St. Anne (Bokozelle), Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish (St. Marc), Fondation Enfant Jesus campus (Lamardelle), the former Spiritan novitiate (Solino), and the Operation Hummingbird Center (Dubre).

Members of the Famn Vayan (Women Overcoming) group of single mothers in Lassere pooled resources to purchase a piece of land from which they could derive a modest living.  A Rich in Mercy grant, funded by contributions from the Latrobe Rotary Club (Latrobe, PA), individuals from the Ligonier Rotary Club (Ligonier, PA), and Mother of Sorrows Parish (Murrsville, PA), made possible a well to provide water for irrigation and household needs.

The collapse of a decades old community well cut off the water supply for some 1000 families and both a clinic and school operated by the Fondation Enfant Jesus in Lamardelle. 

Rich in Mercy partnered with other funding agencies to provide emergency funding for a new well to restore access to clean water and end a community water crisis that lasted more than three months!

Material Infrastructure:  WATER and ENERGY