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Skip a Lunch, Save a Child Preschool “Head Start” Program

   Children in Haiti are born into some of the harshest conditions anywhere on earth.  Nearly      all are seriously disadvantaged in terms  of growth, development, and potential to thrive.      Malnutrition rates are among the worst in the Caribbean. Nearly one-third of all Haitian          children under five suffer from stunted growth and three-quarters of children aged 6-24      months are anemic.  [World Bank, Demographic and Health Survey, 2005].  

   Created by Marlene Shaw of Repbulic, PA following a Rich in Mercy “reverse mission              pilgrimage”  to Haiti the RIM “Skip a Lunch, Save a Child”  fund provides partial financial          support for a nutrition and early education “head start” program directed by Sr. Eileen            Davey, a Holy Union Sister from Fall River, MA working in the St. Louis de Montfort church    in Port au Prince’s Delmas section.  Supporters of the “Skip a Lunch” program contribute        $5 a month to provide a daily, nutritious meal, structured play, and various formative              educational activities for “at risk” children.  Beginning with 30 children in 2002 the program    now serves nearly 100 preschoolers! <