​​Rich in Mercy Institute

Who is My Neighbor?

Who is My Neighbor? seminar is based on the third major part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church ("Life in Christ") that deals with moral theology.  Its emphasis is on the Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and the implications of CST for global solidarity and for building a "civilization of love" and active solidarity in opposition to the "culture of death" and radical individualism.

These are especially suitable for adult education classes for parish social justice or social concerns committees that want to learn more about social justice and humane sustainability.

Just World Seminars

Just World seminars give an introduction to the principles underlying a just society  as outlined in the social teaching of the mainline Christian churches especially the Roman Catholic tradition. 

The program is based on the Compendium of Catholic Social Doctrine and Laudato Si,  Pope Francis' encyclical on Christian response to the cry of the poor  and the cry of the earth.  It is divided into 4 one hour sessions that can be done in one day or spread over a month or a week of evening or day-time sessions.

To schedule a presentation for your church congregation, youth group, parish organization, Sunday school class, retreat, adult education, social justice committee, civic group or other audience contact the Rich in Mercy Institute.

Educational Outreach

Hope for Haiti Presentations

Hope for Haiti gives an introduction to the land and people of Haiti with an overview of present day Haiti and shows many of the ways the Rich in Mercy Institute is helping to promote a global culture of solidarity as well as to provide opportunities and inspire initiatives to meet the spiritual and material needs of brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Presentations by Rich in Mercy Institute executive director Dr. Rich Gosser can be adapted to various audiences, formats, and time frames.  

Promoting a global culture of solidarity with the poor - in Haiti, Africa, and beyond. - for a more just and sustainable world   .  .  .