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The Operation Hummingbird Center for education, research, and “hands on” collaboration is located in Dubre on Haiti’s north coast near Cap Haitian.  It consists of 5 acres of land suitable for showcasing bio-intensive gardening, strategies including composting, worm-composting as well as, agro-ecology and,  regenerative farming strategies.  A guest house accommodates visitors, volunteers, students, and researchers. 

“As a fire engulfed the forest, all the animals fled to the river bemoaning the destruction of their homes.  A tiny hummingbird was determined to defy the odds.  Over and over it swooped into the stream, picked up a few drops of water in its tiny beak and dropped them on the forest fire again and again.   “What do you think you are doing?”, mocked one of the other animals.  Without losing a beat, the hummingbird answered, “I am doing what I can.”

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The environmental, social, and economic challenges facing Haiti today can at times seem overwhelming - much like a raging fire that threatens to overwhelm a forest.  Determined to defy the odds, Lamothe Lormier, with a degree in environmental law, a passion for the environment and a life-long dream, launched "Operation Hummingbird" with the goal of inspiring a "hummingbird revolution" of each one "doing what I can" to develop rural Haiti.

Bio-intensive” describes a variety of methods for growing a lot of food in a small space reducing the amount of resources and hands-on labor required. It centers around nutrient-rich soil that can support growing crops closer together while reducing labor and the need for external inputs.  The methods serve to heighten food security especially for farmers working the small plots of land that are typical in Haiti.

Operation Hummingbird Environmental Center