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​​Rich in Mercy Institute

At the village celebration, when funding is available, OVTC staff present the graduates with “tools of the trade” such as a sewing machine and a bolt of fabric for tailoring; tools for the carpenters; masonry molds and cement; and small tools and basic farm animal medications for the agro-veterinarians. Cost of these tools is approximately $550./student.
make it possible for the vocational training school headmaster to purchase these basic tools for the 30 graduates, every 18 months, to start their own business.

Graduates are greeted in their home community by family members, leaders of the village and community members.  These well-wishers come to witness the conferring of the diploma and to celebrate the graduate’s accomplishment. The village leader gives a short speech confirming his commitment to help find a place for the new tradesman to establish their business in the local village.

After students of the Olkokola Vocational Training Center (OVTC) complete their 18-month residential vocational training program, they decorate the classroom and courtyard of the school, prepare, cook and serve rice, beans, greens and meat for a school-wide graduation celebration at the training center. The next day, the graduates pack up their belongings and the OVTC staff transport the graduates in an open-bed pick-up to their home village. 

​Celeb​ration and Equipment to Start a Business