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​​Rich in Mercy Institute

Following the earthquake of 2010, the workshop was reconstituted around the family of Wisly Jean Louis, a gifted artisan who specializes in making hand-crafted note cards using banana bark and other natural materials.   The Rich in Mercy Institute markets these cards to various retailers and participants in "fair trade" networks behalf of M. Jean Louis and his family.   To see a sampling of available cards click here..  To inquire about wholesale purchases contact us here.

Fair Trade Sales of Handmade Note Cards

The Atelye Atisan Reyini (Artisans Reunited Workshop) was founded by Jacob Telus, a talented artist from the infamous slum of City Soley, built on what was once the garbage dump of Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti.  The workshop offered an alternative to the gang life and violence that characterizes City Soley.  Viewed by gang leaders as a threat to their control, Telus was murdered in 2008.