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Rich in Mercy Institute

Contributions to the Education for Change Fund can be made on our donations pageWe especially welcome monthly donors whose support will make possible additional scholarships and enable more youth to become agents of positive change in Haiti.

In 2010 Peterson Alcius (shown left with Fr. Patrick) was forced to drop out of high school when both his parents were killed in the massive earthquake that struck Haiti.  Last year, thanks to the “Education for Change” fund, Alcius had the highest score of anyone in his class on the Ministry of Education secondary school graduation exam.  As a result he has been awarded a full scholarship to study medicine at a premier university in Cuba!  Alcius will begin his professional studies in August 2015!

With support from RIM and other benefactors, a Spiritan Catholic priest, Fr. Patrick Eugene, CSSp, began a scholarship program in conjunction with the Frere Alexandre School.  It benefits nearly 100 boys and girls from Solino, chosen on the basis of both need and merit.  Funds for the program come from individual donors, from small donations collected by  children in the religious education classes of the Holy Trinity School, (Ligonier, PA),  from “pocket change” dropped in a “collection bank” crafted by Ligonier artist Paul Sirofchuck and located at the Ligonier Sweet Shop / Pathfinder Photo (Ligonier, PA), and a legacy gift from the ESPOIR Haitian American Organization (Detroit, MI)..

Education for Change Scholarship Program

Education is the foundation for all change - in Haiti and elsewhere.  The“Education for Change” fund provides support for educational scholarships to nearly 100 children and youth from the Solino neighborhood of Port au Prince,  a neighborhood dominated by poverty, violence, disease, and despair where street gangs attract youth who have few opportunities to attend school or earn an honest livelihood.