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​​Rich in Mercy Institute


Ongoing Projects

Barraderes  Senior feeding program / Vocational training for Youth

   Rich in Mercy (RIM) provides partial financial support for the “Barraderes Project” which          provides food support (rations of rice, beans, sugar and oil) to 300 elderly residents who        are “at risk” for malnutrition and chronic hunger. Food is distributed monthly based on            available supplies.  Additionally the project provides basic health care for “seniors” and          classes in embroidery, cooking, and sewing for local youth.  The project is coordinated by    Sr. Denise Desil, PSST.  Her community, the Little Sisters of St. Therese, began work in Barraderes in 1972.

   Barraderes, located in the Nippes department in the southwest part of Haiti, has a                    population of about 32,000 and is accessible via a rocky dirt road and passable only to          large trucks and high-clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicles.