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Rich in Mercy Institute

Church Construction in Kafou, Haiti

In 2008 the Spiritan parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish (OLPH) in Kafou, Haiti began construction of a new church building with some support from Rich in Mercy (RIM).  Despite being situated very near the epicenter of the massive earthquake that shook Haiti in 2010, the new building, still under construction at the time, survived completely intact!   Progress was stalled, however, when funding for the project ran out. 

In 2013 Jean Patrick Eugene, CSSp became pastor of OLPH and announced the goal of “raising the roof” on the new structure so that services could be transferred from a nearby tent that had been in use for 6 years.  In a remarkable show of sacrificial giving parishioners of this materially poor parish raised $10,000 themselves!  Support from the Bozzone Family Foundation to Rich in Mercy (RM) made possible a grant of $15,000 to complete the roof structure leaving a small excess used to tile the church sanctuary and paint the interior!